August 11, 2009

On a brain vacation

The will to write is sometimes just not enough to make you write…Sometimes it takes a lot more than a sudden burst of immense youthful energy and revolutionary thoughts…And sometimes a lot more than an immaculate vocabulary to come up with even a single sentence…Sometimes the mind just goes blank without any memory of ever learning the technique of expressing itself through the ‘art of writing’…!
And yet sometimes the brain has not been polished enough to take up the ‘art’ or maybe sometimes it goes on a long vacation tired of burdening itself for making out logic from absurd…and every time come up with a new passage of genius thoughts to write, leaving behind scars from the brutal war between inherited ignorance and earned knowledge…

These scars can even become a reason for losing sanity…they need their time to heal…
Sometimes it really needs one hell of an effort to convince the brain to ask the will of your hands to sit in front of a keyboard and ask the fingers to start pressing some keys…!
And yet even after such a long vacation of slumber, the bloody brain (my brain!) still didn’t forget the places the fingers used to visit to meet their beloved…THE KEYS!(I mean the placing of keys on the qwerty keyboard…!!!)
It’s almost as if a love affair between the brain and the keyboard through fingers as an intermediating body…Or maybe a love triangle…!!!

Such crazy thoughts are just a few symptoms of this ‘brain block syndrome’ which has kept me away from my passion…passion to write my heart out
A rusted rough mind which has lost the skill and touch needed to take up the art of polished writing…!
The cerebrum might be partially damaged due to the continuous overburdening of its think tank in the past or maybe the tank might have fired a few missiles back at the thoughts which used to fire it up…!
This brain vacation is something as difficult to fight as it is to comprehend the last few paragraphs of utter bullshit…!!!(Gosh sometimes even a sleeping cerebrum can come up with such authentic sounding, praisworthy bullshit! )

This mind vacation is so difficult to overcome that not even the will power of the brain itself is strong enough to create a way for a passage of thoughts to flow through…Maybe sometimes where there is a will there ain’t a way…(What if the will itself is corrupt and has sided with the brain…!!!)…Now really it proves my point…I am on the verge of losing sanity…!!! (and I am so unfit to write!)
Dear folks, it’s called mind block syndrome…!

Hey folks…You may go ahead and shout out loud at this waste of time…the confusing, meaningless BULLSHIT…start cursing me or do what ever you want to, but I hardly care because my brain has stopped taking any offences…The offences which made it write when the paradise (valley) burnt or when a true spirit was murdered or when a divine intervention never happened…!!!

Maybe this imaginary vacation might never end and I will never ever see the old brain which used to give me some ideas thoughts and inspiration to type on this beautiful keyboard (there it goes again…told you “it’s” totally hitting on this keyboard !!!)…

Maybe the mind is trying to play some mind games…(here I go again with another insane thought…!!!)
Really it pisses me off to see such an immense talent for writing being ruined by an insane brain vacation which has kept my fingers away from the beautiful keyboard since ages…(almost a year now)
Let’s pray and hope for the reunion of the romantic fingers and the beautiful keyboard…A short lived marriage which made me blog for a year with some virtual success and imaginary fan following…

And there it goes again….ALL BLANK…

“I can’t feel no pain for others anymore, I am occupied with my own agony…I can’t see no injustice anymore, I am blind with my own dreams…I can’t raise a voice anymore, I am speaking only for my own sake…”

Maybe unknowingly we all are on a brain vacation...

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