May 26, 2008

The religion I chose...

I was born an atheist…
We all come from a land of magical interpretation…A land beyond comprehension…A land beyond imagination….And I wonder if a land beyond God…!!!
They say, we were born to be somebody…We are that somebody
Never did I chose a religion…I never decided what God had already decided…I dare ask you, which religion do you follow???
Some say, “nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so”
I say, “the good is well distinguished from the bad, all we need to do is to peep into our souls and see if God ever lived in us…!!!”
The religion I chose is still to be chosen….A D!V!N3 intervention to show me the way…A land of infinite possibilities…A land of eternal happiness…A land of the 'religion of God'
The religion I chose, still remains to be chosen...

May 25, 2008

Let's start a "Kashmiri wave"...!

Santosh Trophy is here...the biggest tournament in Indian football arena
Yes, we all agree the game played with feet has a long way to go....but it has come a long way at least in Kashmir the current stars to the Indian team such as..
Mehrajudin Wadoo, Ishfaq Majid and Arun Verma....only to add to the legends of the greats like Nari and Kakroo....
No, m not a sports commentator but all I want is to see football back at its best in the valley...It really did hurt during my school days to see all that talent going waste...
Just want to make the people aware of what potential the valleys youngsters hold when it comes to football.....
Let's start encouraging something of our own...Let's at least fight for some cause of our own...!!!
Let's take a pledge with ourselves that we will at least go to one match of the upcoming Santosh Trophy only to support our own team and encourage the talented youngsters in the stands....who knows...some day we might have our very Maradonna or a Pele....or a Zain-ul-abidin Zidane....
We all know what the "mexican wave" is......Can't we atleast immitate something (this time for our good) and start our very own Kashmiri wave...????
Yes, I know how ugly would the wave look in our battered stadiums and grounds..!!!
but atleast we can try...can't we??

Finally footy is back to valley..(we will shout..we will cry!!)

It's here...after almost 3 decades valley gets a chance to wake up from the long sleep only to the nostalgia of the glory days long gone by...Footy is coming back to valley....SANTOSH TROPHY 2008 is back to Srinagar...Hurrah....finally the footy fans get a way to express wot they had been going through all these years...finally we can all raise our voice in UNISON and shout out loud...GOALLLLLL GOALLLLL........!!!!!!!!
over the years gone by, such huge talent has been wasted..I myself remember at least a dozen players from my school (Tyndale Biscoe) who could have easily made it to the national team and who knows maybe the international arena.....But all they needed was a channel...a way....n that's what they never got...n all the potential and talent instead of driblling and juggling around, went on to become...the same old doctors and the same old engineers...n yea some turned out to be succesful models as well........!! see such talent being wasted...guys with olympic legs....still remember few of my very own batch mates with enough skill and pace to easily play in Europe....No, I ain't exageratting...but all these comments came from an English football scout on tour of valley...!!..huh
well.... so fortunate young footballers of this era gonna be... at least they will be able to see the action live infront of their eyes in the Bakshi Stadium n the very beloved Polo Ground....would be a great tournament only if WE THE PEOPLE get together n realise the importance of this tournament and what it will mean if it succeeds to make an lets all pledge that we will at least this time leave our houses to buy a "very cheap" ticket at a ground....and see the action unfold live.......we will shout, we will cry...and eventually we will celebrate ..coz its not about JK football team its about the young talent in the stands...and in that's a win win situation.....hurrah........
finally the most popular game of the valley is its prime....

May 24, 2008

How football came to srinagar???

If football is most popular game in valley today, credit goes to Tyndale Biscoe. In autumn of 1891, Biscoe brought one football from Mumbai to Srinagar. At the time idea of introducing football in the valley was making rounds in Biscoe’s mind. After arriving in the valley, Biscoe with this beautiful idea went to CMS School Fateh Kadal. He talked of football with his students, but only few seconds later his dreams were broken as all the students refused to play the new game. Students asked Biscoe, “What is this?” he replied, “It is a football.” Students said asked what is done with it and Biscoe replied it is used to play a game called football, a very nice game. Till then questions were simple and most usual ones but what followed made things worse for Biscoe and his dreams seemed diminishing. Student asked from what material it has been made, Biscoe replied, leather. Student said, then we will never play this game because we cannot touch it. Biscoe who was determined to make his students play, didn’t listen to them and said in furious tone, “You have to play this game today at 3 pm.” Biscoe immediately started to make his students aware of the rules and other related facts about it. But contrary to this Biscoe heard before the closure of school that students are against this game and they have made their mind not to play. Biscoe gave his staff members’ instructions about carrying all students to playing field. He also instructed them to carry sticks in their hands, otherwise students will run away. At exact 3 pm, students tried to runway, but they saw all teachers carrying sticks. Teachers carried them like a bunch of cattle towards playing field. Field was cleaned and football was kept in centre of it and Biscoe blew the starting whistle but none of the students moved. Biscoe thought that students were not able to understand the whistle and he blew it again, but this time too students did not move. Biscoe asked students the reason and they replied that they are Brahmans and can’t touch leather, as it was considered impure. Biscoe glared at all of them and got watch out of his pocket and told students that if in five minutes they will not start the game, he will instruct teachers who were standing nearby to beat them. Five minutes passed, but none of them moved and Biscoe called upon teachers. The students started to play. There was total chaos as all the students started to kick the ball from all corners. Amid all this ball struck to mouth of a Brahmin student and there was pin drop silence as he started to cry. They were all looking furiously at Biscoe, but suddenly one word got into the mind of Biscoe that was ‘water’. Yes it was water that did the trick. Biscoe asked teachers to carry this student nearby Jehlum River for bath to clear impurity. It worked, hearing this they all started to play and football became popular game.
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