May 31, 2008

Manchester United-Dream Team (last decade) PART 2


So, here I am ready for any possible arguments and giving ya all the reasons in the world for the dream 11 Man United (last decade) which I chose in the PART1 of this 'dream' article..heh

Dream 11 Manchester United (last decade)

1)G.K-Peter Schemichael

2)R.B-Garry Neville

3)C.B-Rio Ferdinand

4)L.B-Jaap Stam

5)R.M-David Beckham

6)R.C.M-Roy keane(Capt.)

7)L.C.M-Paul Scholes

8)L.M-Ryan Giggs

9)C.F-Cristiano Ronaldo

10)ST-Wayne Rooney**

11)ST-Ruud Vanistelrooy

**(only possible argument)

Manager-Sir Alex Fergusson

Assistant-Steve McLarren

"When I was young...When I had all the time in the world...I used to wonder if I could ever run like Giggs and cross like Beckham...Shoot like Scholes and tackle like Keane"

(Every player's ability has been cosidered when at the peak of their career)

1)G.K-Peter Schemichael:-

Arguably the best goal keeper world has ever seen, undoubtedly the best Man United ever had...!!!

2)R.B-Garry Neville:-

Plays when fit...Does the job to perfection...Tackles hard, crosses well..Just what the manager asked for...A regular feature in the national side as well..Don't remember many games in the last decade without Garry on the right of defence...

3)C.B-Rio Ferdinand:-

Rock solid..Hard core tackles..Leading the defense line and a surety of success at the back..Made his name in the 2002 world cup and ever since, has been the best defender England has seen in a long long time...

4)L.B-Jaap Stam:-

No, prisoners taken...!!!...Dogged defending...The one man wall...Mr.Defence...A key reason for the unprecedented success of 1999

5)R.M-David Beckham:-

The most popular footbal or more of a sports person ever...The glamour boy of world football...Supposedly over-rated, but TRUST ME; one of the finest players when at his peak and ending uptwo times as a runner up to the world footballer of the year...Dead ball specialist and a tremendous ability to pin point crosses...Still remember those fantastic free-kicks and those accurate crosses to Dwight Yorke and then later on to Ruud Van.....

Wow...still can't forget those great European nights when David Beckham reigned supreme

6)R.C.M-Roy Keane(Capt.)

Always a 200%..Tremendous passion and aggression...Making every player in the team to give his best...The rock in the high flowing counter attacking midfield of the dream team...One of the best captains we have ever seen and one of the best defensive midfielder of the 90's

7)L.C.M-Paul Scholes:-

One of the most complete footballer of his era...Shooting the ball from any where outside the box and blasting past the goalie straight into the goal...World class header of the ball...Arriving late in the box and scoring the most cruicial goals..Tackling being the only drawback but his ball control is just magical..

8)L.M-Ryan Giggs:-

A true legend in every sense of the 'over-used' word...Dribbling past the best in Europe and best in the world...The best on the left wing...After all, the guy who gave us the goal of the century...Dedicating all his Welsh talent to the English side...Now an old horse but still a heroe..

9)C.F-Cristiano Ronaldo:-

Brought into the side as a young teenage prodigy...and now proving his boss right as being worth the most costliest teenager at his time (his record only broken by Wayne Rooney)..Currently the best footballer in the world...Hats off to the guy who single handedly won united the third European title...

10)ST-Wayne Rooney:-**

The only possible arguable inclusion in the dream 11..Yes, one of the greatest young talents England has ever seen since the days of YOUNG Michael Owen...!!(hehehee....Real Madrid as always wasted another would be great..!!!) But yet to prove his ability for his club...It can be argued that Teddy Sheringam, Andy Cole or the "Super-Sub" Ole Gunnay Solskjaer can be better fitted into the dream 11...but I still prefer to stick with the promise of young Rooney and what he brings to the club in terms of desire and passion...

11)ST-Ruud Vanistelrooy:-

A perfect target man for any team..Phenomenol goal scoring rate...especially in Europe..almost a goal every game and breaking many such records as that of the great United legend Denis Law..A one man goal scoring machine...Showed the club glimpses of Cantonna, Cole, Solskjaer,Sheringam all in the short period of time he stayed at the club...

And yes, it would be criminal not to mention the Super-Sub Ole Gunnar Solskjaer waiting on the bench to come late into the match and score the all important and dramatic late goals...He delivered when ever the situation asked him to..really I still cherish those childhood days watching the cup ties and the cruicial games turn on its head in the dying seconds of the game..and it all happened time and again when ever the red devils needed it..thanx to the "baby-faced"..Solskjaer......

Manager-Sir Alex Fergusson:-

No, arguments needed........!!!!!!

Assistant-Steve McLarren:-

The man who assisted Fergie to the famous treble in 1999....the man who helped Middlesborough to regain it's status in the premier league...An ex-England manager...doesn't deserve to be a number 2 but only to the great Sir Alex..!!!

"When I was young...When I had all the time in the world...I wondered if I could ever run like Giggs and cross like Beckham....Shoot like Scholes and tackle like Keane".......And in the end celebrate like a RED DEVIL...!!!!!!!

May 30, 2008

Manchester United-Dream Team (last decade)....PART1

Champions of England...Champions of Europe...Champions of the world...
A decade of transition from one of the big clubs in Europe to 'THE BIGGEST' football club in the world...A story of unprecedented success and unthinkable drama to win titles in the most fairy-tale fashion and most importantly to win hearts all over the world to make the 'Munich disaster club" as the most popular football team in the world...
We saw the world's most popular,glamourous and talented footballers bedazzle the full house blockbuster crowds at the mecca of football...Old Trafford
The theatre of dreams...The home of the world's finestThe mecca of football...The home of Red Devils...The home of Manchester United F.C.
Well; being a Manchester United fan since the days I learned to walk and speak and most importantly since the days I learned to kick the ball...I saw the world's best displaying their talent at Old Trafford and the greates heroes scoring the late goals, pumping the adrenaline rush in my soul...I could figure out a dream 11...A combination of the dream team, the invincibles of 1999 and the present day young champions of Europe...Here it goes, the DREAM 11 MUFC- a decade of total glory...
1)G.K-Peter Schemichael
2)R.B-Garry Neville
3)C.B-Rio Ferdinand
4)L.B-Jaap Stam
5)R.M-David Beckham
6)R.C.M-Roy keane(Capt.)
7)L.C.M-Paul Scholes
8)L.M-Ryan Giggs
9)C.F-Cristiano Ronaldo
10)ST-Wayne Rooney
11)ST-Ruud Vanistelrooy

Captain:-Roy Keane
Manager:-Sir Alex Fergusson
Assistant:-Steve McLaren

The dream team consisits of the best Manchester United players since that David Beckham's famous goal from half way line...The opinion expressed is totally my own and I think there can't be a better than this...Any arguments are welcome....!!!....(some comments please!!!)

May 27, 2008

The Clash Of Junoons..!!!

JUNOON in Kashmir...!!!
The famous Pakistani Sufi Rock Band performing live over the banks of the very own...very famous Dal Lake....Oh yeah the "Sayonee" guys and the "Dosti" dudes...on their very own mission Kashmir..or rather mission Junoon...and boy did they succeed..!!!
lived upto their reputation of "JUNOON"...!!!
Strictly speaking as a linguist...I think the word Junoon can be best described as fire..or maybe an internal urge..or well yeah...maybe an adrenaline rush...
No, I am not talking about the actor Rohit Roy's movie "Junoon" which killed his career even before he had lived the success of "Aashiqui"...!!!
Oh yeah, now you remember the same old guy who won the "Big Boss" reality show...yeah, now you get it...I am talking about that weird 'were-wolf' movie you folks getting nostalgic and remembering the way how a hot shot from Aashiqui got converted into a hybrid were-wolf on a full moon night (hehehee sorry but the animation was awful..!!!!)...What a thriller...!!!..lolz
Well now am really coming to my point...and the point is..."Junoon" in Kashmir...but I still find Rohit Roy's career suicide Junoon movie as a deja-vu for this Junoon in Kashmir....!!!
Going by the definition of the word Junoon (already defined above)

Lemme begin with...MY JUNOON..!!
oh my god..." could have I forgotten it"..!!.."its Junoon in Srinagar"...aaaaawww...'Sayonee'...wowww 'Junoon' live..and the reply goes like.."son, what Junoon..!!!".....and when I explain the 'Junoon of my JUNOON'...the reply kills my junoon "son, just a bunch of idiots earning their money through pomp and show"...aaahh and that really puts my Junoon to bed....wish my Junoon was more than my dad's Junoon and more over, even if I could convince dad for my Junoon, still couldn't get the tickets or the pass required to witness the JUNOON unfold live...!!!! that's the end of my Junoon...

Now, time for some JUNOON OF THE NISHAT 'LOCALS'
So it was Junoon at Dal Lake right beneath the world famous Nishat garden and a locality where some of my relatives live...Well, they quite grown up to share the Junoon of the JUNOON...!!!...
Locked in their own locality...rather in their own houses...!!!
Still curse the day they bought that house...!!!...and the deafening sounds, jsut too much for them...they ain't gonna take this their Junoon was quite justifiedly caused due to junoon of the JUNOON..!!!...and lemme tell you their Junoon if not controlled could have ruined the JUNOON show...!!!!!!!

Royal Springs Golf Course...proclaimed (self proclaimed..heh) as one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world...and home to some of the valleys most elite and talented , TOP golfers...
wonder how they fit into this story of the clash of JUNOONS????
here I go again...the full parking of the famed Royal Springs Golf Course was occupied by the VIPs attending the JUNOON concert (rather a stage show..!!!! hehehee)...not only that the madening traffic jams and golfers couldn't make it to the eightenenth hole (the only thing they ever desired for after their retirement..!!!!)..wish they could have scored that birdie just to supress the junoon AGAINST the junoon fuming in them...after all, the golf BALLS need some junoon to fly over that bunker, swim across the pond, roll across the green straight into that gaping hole....!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hahhahaaa....the clash of stupid junoons...!!!)

JUNOON OF THE (honourable) VIPs THEMSELVES...!!!
and here come the brave hearted, upright, fearless,LAWLESS JK POLICE....!! stopping the VIPs and not even the sparing the Chief Guest himself..(just to peep into their deep pockets and shallow hearts...!!!)...would you believe it, the Chief Guest himself had to prove his identity...(after all we Kashmiris love to follow our customs and traditions-THEORY PROVED...!!!)...and to add more points to support the theory...Chief Guest had to contest and fight for his seat in the audience...hahahaaa.....but then once again up stepped the brave hearts of JK POLICE to prove their worth and as always the politician took the twisted way and got their VVIP reserved (unusually small and untidy and oddly placed) Chief Guest Spot..!!!

Phew..!!! such a long clash of Junoons..reading this piece of shit will surely have blown your Junoon outta control..yeah even ya ppl out there reading this masterpiece are in the clash of JUNOON..!!!!
but the clash of junoon continues....

now, most importantly the junoon seekers...well; not surprisingly the audience didn't turn out to be as huge as expected by the JUNOON...and NOT SURPRISINGLY the few who turned up mostly constituted of school students forced to witness the junoon show on a Sunday...maybe by their schools or who knows maybe by our brave hearted JK POLICE..!!!
yeah the school children really wanted to show the junoon in their souls and bodies but the teachers were too busy in controlling the over all junoon to not to make it a clash of junoons right there and then....
but then, there were the real and true junoon seekers (and they weere supposedly the trouble seekers)...a group scattered (by our very own JK POLICE)..into various small groups..seperated the two sexes..!!..but the junoon in their junoon was by far the biggest junoon of the JUNOON show...!!!
they cried and they laughed and they shouted...Sayonee........!!!!!!!!!

last but not the least...JUNOON OF THE JUNOON...
the dudes themselves...(well, I somehow still fail to understand how can sufi music be classified as rock but still let's acknowledge their band)..the junoon themselves...well they have performed at much larger gatherings all over Pakistan and South performing infront of the awestruck Kashmiri crowd at Dal Lake was like bread and butter for them and maybe that was the reason for their half hearted junoon...No am not criticising their performance but seriously the junoon in their junoon was surely missing....and the 5000 watts of thumping guitar lacked the strings of the human junoon....Junoon did perform with some junoon but maybe forgot most of it back at Paskistan or maybe the small crowd or who knows maybe our very efficient JK POLICE put them off...!!!
well; the show was a MISmanaged embarassment which failed to awake the much needed forgotten the hearts of the kashmiri souls lying beneath the depths of the dying lake.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the whole event was conducted by SAF (South Asian Foundation)...
for more authentication on this blog about 'clash of junoons' visit:-

May 26, 2008

The religion I chose...

I was born an atheist…
We all come from a land of magical interpretation…A land beyond comprehension…A land beyond imagination….And I wonder if a land beyond God…!!!
They say, we were born to be somebody…We are that somebody
Never did I chose a religion…I never decided what God had already decided…I dare ask you, which religion do you follow???
Some say, “nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so”
I say, “the good is well distinguished from the bad, all we need to do is to peep into our souls and see if God ever lived in us…!!!”
The religion I chose is still to be chosen….A D!V!N3 intervention to show me the way…A land of infinite possibilities…A land of eternal happiness…A land of the 'religion of God'
The religion I chose, still remains to be chosen...

May 25, 2008

Let's start a "Kashmiri wave"...!

Santosh Trophy is here...the biggest tournament in Indian football arena
Yes, we all agree the game played with feet has a long way to go....but it has come a long way at least in Kashmir the current stars to the Indian team such as..
Mehrajudin Wadoo, Ishfaq Majid and Arun Verma....only to add to the legends of the greats like Nari and Kakroo....
No, m not a sports commentator but all I want is to see football back at its best in the valley...It really did hurt during my school days to see all that talent going waste...
Just want to make the people aware of what potential the valleys youngsters hold when it comes to football.....
Let's start encouraging something of our own...Let's at least fight for some cause of our own...!!!
Let's take a pledge with ourselves that we will at least go to one match of the upcoming Santosh Trophy only to support our own team and encourage the talented youngsters in the stands....who knows...some day we might have our very Maradonna or a Pele....or a Zain-ul-abidin Zidane....
We all know what the "mexican wave" is......Can't we atleast immitate something (this time for our good) and start our very own Kashmiri wave...????
Yes, I know how ugly would the wave look in our battered stadiums and grounds..!!!
but atleast we can try...can't we??

Finally footy is back to valley..(we will shout..we will cry!!)

It's here...after almost 3 decades valley gets a chance to wake up from the long sleep only to the nostalgia of the glory days long gone by...Footy is coming back to valley....SANTOSH TROPHY 2008 is back to Srinagar...Hurrah....finally the footy fans get a way to express wot they had been going through all these years...finally we can all raise our voice in UNISON and shout out loud...GOALLLLLL GOALLLLL........!!!!!!!!
over the years gone by, such huge talent has been wasted..I myself remember at least a dozen players from my school (Tyndale Biscoe) who could have easily made it to the national team and who knows maybe the international arena.....But all they needed was a channel...a way....n that's what they never got...n all the potential and talent instead of driblling and juggling around, went on to become...the same old doctors and the same old engineers...n yea some turned out to be succesful models as well........!! see such talent being wasted...guys with olympic legs....still remember few of my very own batch mates with enough skill and pace to easily play in Europe....No, I ain't exageratting...but all these comments came from an English football scout on tour of valley...!!..huh
well.... so fortunate young footballers of this era gonna be... at least they will be able to see the action live infront of their eyes in the Bakshi Stadium n the very beloved Polo Ground....would be a great tournament only if WE THE PEOPLE get together n realise the importance of this tournament and what it will mean if it succeeds to make an lets all pledge that we will at least this time leave our houses to buy a "very cheap" ticket at a ground....and see the action unfold live.......we will shout, we will cry...and eventually we will celebrate ..coz its not about JK football team its about the young talent in the stands...and in that's a win win situation.....hurrah........
finally the most popular game of the valley is its prime....

football resurrected...

It's a well known fact that during the past decade along with all the other things that have suffered...It's the football which really took a heavy blow and the most popular game of the valley fell from ithe heights of 'Kolohoi' to die an untimely death...

But as always there is a D!V!N3 intervention...!!!

this time god gave us a chance to resurrect the game through conducting tournaments...over the years Biscoe School alone had enough talent to fill the full national squad (leave alone the state squad)....and over the last two decades Biscoe School was the only ray of hope for the valley..winning the national tournaments such as Jatin Bedi...and creating such an impact in the state football arena... ..the school which gave valley its first football had to be the school to resurrect the football back to valley..but Biscoe couldnt do it alone, there had to be a huge financial backing....

n then as always...there had to be one more D!V!N3 intervention

this time the biggest and the greatest and the only success story from the valley decided to provide all the money needed to bring back the football gods back from the cluthces of extinction....and up stepped The JK BANK....

this was a marriage made in heaven...JK BANK with all its resources and Tyndale Biscoe School with all its talent.....although Biscoe school couldnt convince all of its talent to pursue their carrer in football..(most of them turned out to be doctors and engineers)....but the ones who decided to pursue their own dreams rather than their families dreams...they did make it to atleast the state squads....yes, the talent is coming through we just need to encourage it and we will see the valley once again as the hub of Indian football.....

May 24, 2008

a tale of HARTAL..."n they all cried"

Schools closed.."yawn..!!"...some more hours of sleep will just make it even a more perfect day...
roads blocked(no not with traffic..!!) shops closed(no not a national holiday..!!) protests and agitations(no not a revolution..!!)...just a normal day...what a way to wake up............hearing the cracking sound of glass and the boom of tear gas shells....!!
ooowww i forgot its Mr. President coming here and we gotta protest dat n a hell lot more...George Bush bombed Iraq...n who protested?? ..No, the Saudi's couldnt gather enough guts to protest...the Iranis were too busy with their nukes....who else???....we the Kashmiris...the courageous, the noble,the gentle,the beautiful kashmiris...who fight for every other cause except ironically for their own cause..hahaa...n the best thing is the way we fight n give our heart n soul just to make it a hartal day...
burn down tyres...break windows..beat our own fellaz....throw stones at each other and then run an olympic sprint when the INDIAN army decides that its time to call it a day...!!!!!!!!!!
oh yes, still remember the day when ppl burnt George Bush right outside ma home..!!!!! hehehee...wonder if they have the guts to do it in real life...n then the voices..."george bush hai hai" (Down with Bush)...n the famous poster "BUSH KUTA (Bush Dog)" written in bold...hahhaa (srry...but I still find it so amusing..the way a dog had the features l looks of Bush..the only thing different were the 4 legs n a 'twisted' tail..!!!) n then to show the strength...breaking the hell out of our trasnport system..hehehee (even my school bus)....n then break all the windows of ma cousins house..(oh did hurt to see all those magnificently painted windows get shattered).....n then the community hospital and its ambulance had to bear the brunt of the aggression n somehow our Cheif Minister was responsible for draining the oil from Iraq..!!!..hahah wish they could have saved Iraq with the oil stolen from the petrol pump leading to our so called decent society....heh...after all kashmiris the saviours..the messiahs....!!!
n yes the lower primary government school...somehow this bulding was supposed to be the reason why kasmir isnt with its neighbours on our west....!!!! yes, the building needed to be burnt down........!!!!!!!!....then came my uncles clinic.....there couldnt have been a better place to hide the brave asses from facing the army...yes, a refugee camp with all the first aid kid available for at will...just need to break open some lockers...!!!
Independence day..!!!....inspiring n thrilling nail bitting climax....police somehow co-ordinating with the autonomous bull headed Indian army n leading a huge chase down the streets with enough tear gas shells to even make the me cry...n yea even the so called freedom fighters couldnt stop their eyes from expressing what they had done to themselves and their own motherland....the tears though unintentional...but trust me they depicted the real story.....don't need a tear gas shell to explain the tears that sometimes twinkle in ma eyes, in your eyes, in our eyes.. but always refuse to fall down...!!
To see the brave hearted patriotic so called revoultionaries beat the hell out of their fellow freedom fighters just to say..."he did it"...(the blame game to escape the brunt of army)!!!!!!...n then the dramatic end infront of the media vans was some show........all the so called revolutionaries somehow turned into a bunch seeking popularity surrounding the 'hi-fi' n glamourous media reporters......!!
ahh... it really was a blockbuster show....but still share the grief for my cousins house n my uncles clinic....
BUT somehow ithurts to reealise the so called revolutionaries didn't even know who the hell was George Bush or where the hell on this earth is Iraq situated...but still they somehow raised their voices later on in the evening with the same united voices "George Bush..Hai Hai"....n i wonder what they fighting for.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Didn't need any tear gas this time to make some water fall from the eyes....wish I could have seen the poster just once more to bring smile on a sad face..)

How football came to srinagar???

If football is most popular game in valley today, credit goes to Tyndale Biscoe. In autumn of 1891, Biscoe brought one football from Mumbai to Srinagar. At the time idea of introducing football in the valley was making rounds in Biscoe’s mind. After arriving in the valley, Biscoe with this beautiful idea went to CMS School Fateh Kadal. He talked of football with his students, but only few seconds later his dreams were broken as all the students refused to play the new game. Students asked Biscoe, “What is this?” he replied, “It is a football.” Students said asked what is done with it and Biscoe replied it is used to play a game called football, a very nice game. Till then questions were simple and most usual ones but what followed made things worse for Biscoe and his dreams seemed diminishing. Student asked from what material it has been made, Biscoe replied, leather. Student said, then we will never play this game because we cannot touch it. Biscoe who was determined to make his students play, didn’t listen to them and said in furious tone, “You have to play this game today at 3 pm.” Biscoe immediately started to make his students aware of the rules and other related facts about it. But contrary to this Biscoe heard before the closure of school that students are against this game and they have made their mind not to play. Biscoe gave his staff members’ instructions about carrying all students to playing field. He also instructed them to carry sticks in their hands, otherwise students will run away. At exact 3 pm, students tried to runway, but they saw all teachers carrying sticks. Teachers carried them like a bunch of cattle towards playing field. Field was cleaned and football was kept in centre of it and Biscoe blew the starting whistle but none of the students moved. Biscoe thought that students were not able to understand the whistle and he blew it again, but this time too students did not move. Biscoe asked students the reason and they replied that they are Brahmans and can’t touch leather, as it was considered impure. Biscoe glared at all of them and got watch out of his pocket and told students that if in five minutes they will not start the game, he will instruct teachers who were standing nearby to beat them. Five minutes passed, but none of them moved and Biscoe called upon teachers. The students started to play. There was total chaos as all the students started to kick the ball from all corners. Amid all this ball struck to mouth of a Brahmin student and there was pin drop silence as he started to cry. They were all looking furiously at Biscoe, but suddenly one word got into the mind of Biscoe that was ‘water’. Yes it was water that did the trick. Biscoe asked teachers to carry this student nearby Jehlum River for bath to clear impurity. It worked, hearing this they all started to play and football became popular game.
for more visit official website of FIFA:-

May 22, 2008

can't watch Terry score

up steps John Terry to win it for Chelsea...can't watch Terry score n break the red hearts.....the dream is about to break

adrenaline rush...celebratin hard

Only football can do this to you....and that too only the team you can die for...and that too only if its the greatest night in Europe....glory glory united....all hail ronaldo

Greatest European Hangover..!!

Still feelin sleepy...Ahhh...can't evn write properly...Really need some sleep BADLY....just 2 hours of sleep all night...n yea the greatest night....waited for this so long....We won...and won as usual with the last kick of the match...ahh still so drowsy n slow...(yawn..!!)..yea did party all night....god..!!
John Terry almost stopped ma heart when he came up to hit that penalty....but i think the ghosts of the Munich disaster made him slip to make it a perfect tribute to the 50 years of Munich disaster....adn yea as they say fortune favours the brave...Anelka couldnt score and ironically Giggs scored the winning penalty on his record appearance infront of Sir Bobby...fantastic....MAN UNITED TILL I DIE........
can't write more...need some sleep..(yawn..!!)

glory glory man united

oh yeah ...glory glory man united......we are the champions.....glory glory man united
gonna party all night long....

May 20, 2008

Greatest Night...Once Again..!!!

I thought i would never get a chance ever again...
But here we are...9 years later...The biggest stage in world football...The Champions League Final...
We won it famously in 1999(no need to elaborate the great drama...the fairy tale ending)...
"Oh yes, that was a D!V!N3 intervention to win the treble in the last second..!!!" and well, I still curse myself for not being a rebel n missing the live action that night...Mum thought I was too much of a kid to wake up at midnight n see the gods play!!!
n damn how unlucky I was to miss the greatest moments in world football unfold live...
ahh...n i thought that it was 1968 and then 1999...So maybe i won't eva get another chance in my life time...
BUT....A D!V!N3 intervention (as always..!!!)
All hail Sir Fergie...He got us here the same stage in just 9 years..Yes, we lost the invincibles of 1999...the Schemichael's,the Stam's,the Neville's,the Cole's,the Yorke's,the Sheringam's,the Soskjaer's,the Keane's n ofcourse the Beckham's....but we still got the legendary Giggs and Scholes with the ever so talented Rooney and Ronaldo...
Fergie deserves a noble prize for creating this dream team ONCE AGAIN..!!
n this time nothing is gonna come in my way and the way to glory..M gonna party all night...really such a big night...I missed the Nou Camp but ain't gonna miss the champions at Moscow...
Couldn't fly to Russia..NO VISA FOR A UNITED FAN.....MAYBE THEY FEAR THE DEVILS IN RED....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At least I got the so called idiot box ta jam into n witness one more infact the biggest feather in fergies cap (n i wish we still had the same old ESPN professionals instead of Ten Sports stupid commentators!!!)...
hell yeah!! Scholsey is eva so hungry to get his hands on the trophy this time out..He missed it in 1999...But this is his moment...the first name on the team sheet..N well Giggsy...quite ironically the match where he overtakes Sir Bobby Charltons record of most matches for the red devils(n Sir Bobby being the winner in 1968) expect some magic from him..after all hes the one who gave us the goal of the century....!!! n yea we got the wonder kids in Rooney n Ronaldos...The same desire in their eyes which the invincibles had in 1999...N this time though we might not have the great wall of Schemichael but expect some great saves from the well experienced champions league winner and runner up Van Der Sar...defence ain't gonna let the
Abrahamovic's big name glamour boys to get through..Rio is rock solid as eva...Tevez can be the super sub this time out..Seen the glimpses of Solskjaer in him......
Its gonna be man utd shifting gears at will....thanx god such a night came ONCE AGAIN in my lifetime...god the devil is praying "make this a night even greater than the one I missed"....Amen
all ya ppl out there....keep prayin if ya wearing something blue...the devils are on a rampage...THERE WILL BE BLOOD....DEVILS IN RED ARE COMING....

Biscoe Spirit...Beyond Will

When the will breaks, body aches, legs shake, shoulders drop…
When the storms gather, the mountains roar, the water screams, daylight fades…
When the mind takes over the heart and soul…And the will to give up takes over the will to fight
That’s when a voice shouts out loud from behind “Morale Kaisa Hai???” (How are your spirits?)
That’s when you realize the meaning of a Biscoe Boy…And you have the heart to shout out loud “Up Hai…Up Hai..!!” (Our spirits are up…Our spirits are up)
The spirited voices echo around the mountains and stream through the waters…Telling the world “Khisko khisko…Aaya Biscoe...!!” (Runaway; Biscoe Boys have arrived)
Biscoe Spirit taking you beyond will…

D!V!N3 beginnings..heh

Someone once famously said "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"
Going by the theory behind this widely accepted saying, it doesn't take a genius to figure out the other way around "All play and no work makes Jack a smart boy"
You see; the world is filled with many such "PJs" but still only some get to the seriousness of the so called poor jokes...!!
I hail all those who try to see the world in a different way and yet are so dumb to get the real meaning of stuff.No am not talking about 'geeks'..! But some people who like to interpret the simplest things as D!V!N3© and MYSTIC interventions in their own stupid way. challenge; Dare to be YOUrself..

The world at their feet

Those were the days when the boys faced men...The days when just a bunch of 11 by their pure talent and sublime skills tamed the gods..The professionals beaten in their very own backyards and the crowds bedazzeled...Those were the days when a freekick from 30 yards would mean so much more, when a goal would send us straight to heaven...Those were the days when legends were made...Those were the days when the goals were larger than life itself...Those were the days...


"He sat by the river and watched his life pass by....In the mystic river"
As I sit here by the river, watching my eyes flow into the river....I realised somethings...
I was born to be somebody and I grew up to be somebody...!
The days are short and the nights long and the sun hides behind the clouds over the mystic river...

express n blush..!!!!

We all have somethings to say...DONT WE???
freedom of expression as they put it...Well in my 8teen years of exsistence i failed to excercise this right and saw my peers doing even worse...Maybe they say its something you can't change in you but lemme telya its definitely not a big deal to write what you feel..So everbody out there who hasnt yet got my point; what am tryin ta say is that..START BLOGGING
Blush your throats out...!!!!!!
naah m not askin you to be a feminist..!!!
heh........confusions gallore........!

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