July 31, 2008


“DANCE… A step here and a step there, a move here and a touch there…Dance baby Dance…!”

It’s a fact that music drives us crazy…well, it might not drive you nuts like me but surely music makes all of us MOVE…As they say, “move to the groove”
Watching Michael Jackson dance during my kiddo days (though he’s already dead and buried..!) I wondered if I could ever be such a ‘Smooth Criminal’…!
And yea, not under estimating our own Bollywood with it’s very own fantastic dancers...well, the fact is…every actor rather the leading actor (commonly called a HERO) or for that matter even more importantly the leading actress have to dance and dance brilliant because dancing forms the pre requisite of a bollywood success..!
Still remember Hrithik Roshan (Bollywood actor) from the hit movie 'Kaho Naa Pyar Hai'…He was so unbelievably ELASTIC for a debut…!
When are the Hollywood legends gonna step up and show us how to move their asses…?
Imagine James Bond dancing to the bollywood beats with a Bond Girl doing an Indian choreopgraphy…hahahaa….James Bond…007 at his best…!

Hmmm…so coming back to the topic …
Let me tell you, even if I have memorized Eminem, but I still can’t figure out how to ‘shake that ass!’….heh
All I learnt in my eighteen years of existence is to resonate my hands or move my head to the high bass beats…hah…(miserably try to imitate as a rapper but only I know, if asked to move those feet or shake that ass…I’m gonna choke…and then squeal….!)
'So you think you can dance?'….heh...I wonder if I would ever even dare to try for the show (even if I was dreaming)….!!
I call it my Dance-o-Phobia…(My fear of dancing….!)
But they say, it’s never too late to learn how to move those feet in technically correct and well defined order but somehow I believe that would account for the well defined and well established classical or other forms of proper dancing….
Well, I do know that when it comes to dancing..I suck..I suck big time!…infact me and dancing is simply unthinkable but some of the reality shows on the tele give me some hope because I ain’t bald, broken or diseased like the old amateurs on tele!…I think I gotta just fine tune my hand swing and I’m ready to dance…(or maybe not…! lolz)
So I think, I can wait for yet another D!V!N3 intervention….(this time to teach me how to move those legs and shake that ass!)
But baby, I believe that it’s a 'New World Order' or rather a 'No World Order' where nothing is defined and you get to do your shit your way….an order where the dance comes with no order…anything which seems pleasing to the YOUNG eyes can be called as dance..
So come on people what you waiting for?…Get your feet on the dance floor and shake that ass for me…!

July 26, 2008

Balancing Beauty

Bored and depressed...It sucks to realise the fact that I came so close to earning an overnight fortune but as some of my pals say "mera bad luck hi kharab hai" (my bad luck is bad....lolz still don't know how that makes any sense!)
Yesterday when the sun had set in the valley and the twilight hour with the fresh breeze and the chill of the evening rising, I sat in my garden looking at a bunch of sticks. (actually not sticks but some freshly cut branches from a nearby tree)...I don't know the exact name of the tree but I certainly remember it once on the Discovery channel where they used the same tree to make an emergency shelter (I think it was "Man vs. Wild")
Bored and frustrated, an idea struck my mind....I collected all the branches together, ripped off their leaves and peeled some bark of the wood (revealing the sparkling white surface underneath)
Though I started out with a plan to make my own self made shelter in the garden as shown on the T.V. but what I came up with was equally shocking and well hmmmm....yeah quite stupid...!!!!
It would be tough to explain how I made it and what I made...So I better put up some pics to explain it better....

Well now you folks must be wondering why I call it my balancing beauty....
Actually what I had planned to be a sort of shelter turned out to be a device which could balance anything...seriously even once when a crow sat on one of it's end...The whole system started rotating as if somehow trying to find it's centre of gravity...!
Naah I didn't have a blue print to do all the Physics but some times hit and trial method just works perfect...I know it's a silly thing to even think of blogging about it, but I just wanted to share it with all you folks out there patiently reading my crap....(I know you people already consider me a crack pot but trust me...I ain't gonna stop irritating you folks with my silly stuff...hahahhaa)

The birds love it and so do I...It's not just a stupid waste of my 18 year old youthfull energy and some usefull sticks but unlike my mom I consider it as a work of art and a creators creation...heh
Yes, it did hurt in the end to see the whole thing get dismantled only at my mom's order
I don't expect any appreciation from you folks as well....But I would always remember it as my balancing beauty which found it's centre of gravity when a THIRSTY crow sat on it...!!!

July 25, 2008

That sweet lady broke my heart

Friday to Friday....Whoa...What a turn around (Not in my wealth but most probably in my thinking)
No blogs since a week, no comments and no posts either...By far my longest "Dry Spell"
Maybe the expectations and the imaginations of last week proved to be even greater than the greatest hangover I had ever experienced or maybe the words had again failed me when I heard the knock on my door and the unusually high pitched door bell going bonkers!

So I guess all you folks must be wondering if I'm gone nuts again or maybe I'm just playing with all you wondafull ppl out there expecting me to be a 'Fortune 500' by now....!!!!
My heart is really too sour to explain the chain of events which took place after my last blog "Yipee...I lost my luggage"
The last time I signed outta ma blogspot as an 18 year old with expectation and aspirations, dreams of the big and the good things in life and with some lawyers in mind...!!!

This time I sign in as the same old guy struggling to find a college...!
I know I sound so lame today but still lemme try to narrate the second half of the "Gati" story

As you people would have already read how "Gati' lost my fourth bag and failed to deliver on due date and time...
So as I signed out last Friday with the blog posted and the excitement and expectations soaring to even greater heights....A phone trembled in my pocket...it was my cell phone vibrating with an unknown number on it's display..
I picked up the cell and there it was, the same sweet lady but this time with a very confident and yet ever so attractive voice...(It won't take a genius to figure out why the lady would have been so confident with all the sweetness intact)
After a proper sweet introduction and with an official referrence to my luggage tracking number, the next sentence she spoke broke my heart (literally) and even some of my BIG dreams...
"Sir, We have located your fourth bag.It's safe and has been tracked in Ambala and it will be delivered by tomorrow morning.Any inconvenience is highly regretted"
I couldn't believe what I had just heard, it took her not more than 50 seconds to say but it took me an eternity to absorb and comprehend what she had just said....!
"That sweet lady broke my heart!"

And everything came all together the next morning when some one knocked my door and the door bell went bonkers...I knew who it was...The moment I opened the door, I could see it now...All the four bags safe and secure with a bright and bold "Gati" tag pasted on them and a "Gati" employee apologising for the inconvenience...Maybe no one was getting fired now...Every thing seemed to have ended so perfectly for everyone but me...
Even my dad managed to smile and even though I tried so hard but I somehow couldn't make my cheeks open wide and say 'cheese'...!!!
This time the depression was for real and was worse than what I had ever imagined...Nothing seemed to be fake or disillusioned
I was no longer dreaming about any forune or fame, no longer an imagination of hearing a life changing verdict in the court of law...No longer the thoughts of fortune overnight, no longer a dream of being gifted every good thing that the world has got to offer...
Yes, that sweet lady broke my heart....and it took me a week to realise one hard fact about the truth of life...
You can't be gifted the heaven, you gotta work right down from the bottom and fight your way to the top...The top from where the world looks 'like a spec in the pure glass' (hope you got that) and accomplishments seem larger than life itself...!

Freedom Blogger now with some 'REALISTIC' dreams and mature imaginations....Freedom Blogger RE-AWAKENED!

July 18, 2008

Yipee...I lost my luggage!

Well it's been some days since I blogged and AdSense now even blocked me...! (aah...I had already earned around 50$...just a 50 more and I would have been signing cheques with Google...but as always, ma bad luck!)
I already tolya, now I really don't give a damn whether AdSense approves me or not coz I've chosen to be a ‘Freedom Blogger’…and today this Freedom Blogger has got his date with destiny.....

Hmmm so now coming back to the point where I had been all these days, well lemme explain to you…
I had been expecting some important shipment to arrive from the bottom of the country (Pune to Kashmir)...I had already paid the cargo transporting agency (the big global brand "Gati") and the shipment was supposed to drop at my door on 9th July but now it's 18th July and I still haven't received any of my precious cargo...
Tracking online at 'Gati.com' shows that the whole cargo is stuck in Jammu due to the continuous strike but I wonder....hmmm...10 days and they couldn't even get an hour to move it through the alleys of my fellow Jammuites...!!!
(I still can't figure out, what the hell is Jammu protesting for !!!
We surely ain’t got any explanation else than BJP misleading our fellas and creating a communal issue as a propaganda for winning the elections
The worst thing is that I have already paid ‘Gati’ a good amount of money and the whole cargo is really precious ta me coz it contains some of my most beloved and even some of the most COSTLY things...
I could somehow smell something fishy going on...the next thing I did was call the Gati customer care office yesterday to ask for an explanation to keep me waiting for such a long time......
and OMG what I hear is mind blowing (literally!)

Gati customer care-(a nervous lady with a very sweet accent): “Sorry Sir, the continuous strike has been keeping us from delivering your shipment on time”
Me-(an 18 year old enjoying his newly found independence): “Stupid Ass holes!... the strike hasn't been on for last 10 days...what the fuck is it...”
Gati-(the same sweet lady with no longer a sweet accent): “Sorry Sir, actually we have only got 3 of your bags and we are still searching for the 4th bag!”

Curse the sweet receptionist or cry my heart out over the very precious and beloved stuff in the 4th bag....???
Naah…that ain’t my game….!
Here's what I did...dropped the phone without even hearing her sweet explanation and jumped into the air (no not in anger)...
HURRAH!....yeah.......fantastic......great.......I can't believe my luck……what an opportunity.......!!!!

Now you folks must be wondering that I must be nuts....

Naah people I ain’t such a stupid psycho dancing at the death of a very precious bag.....such chances never come knocking at your door so easily…
A world renowned and most reliable organization such as ‘Gati’ messing up and losing your luggage means that lady luck has just arrived...
To put it in simple words...Dude you just got your chance at a million dollars...!!!
Oh yeah baby, I might sound irrational or stupid but not many people get such chances where they can earn a fortune overnight....!!!

Still wondering what I am talking about......?????
I get a chance to sue ‘Gati’ and I got a 200% chance to recover a hell lot more than what ever I lost...A law suit against such a big brand and such a genuine case in my favor can only mean one thing…”MONEY MONEY MONEY…MONEY” (remember the title track of The Apprentice!)...
They lost my luggage when they had already taken the money and had guaranteed to deliver it on my door step ( it was all in writing)....but now they not only lost the bag, but the precious stuff inside it (the SECRET value of which only I know...!!!! hehe), they even caused a psychiatric effect on my mind...I mean I'm into a sort of depression since my luggage got lost (lolz!)....they have in fact duped a customer........now it won't take a genius to figure out the massive effect it can have on the image of a global brand such as ‘Gati’....
If I'm not mistaken, they can easily pay a fortune to make for the VARIOUS (physical and emotional) damages....!!!!!!!!
hehee.......lolz I sound wicked, but I ain't wrong either...it was their responsibility to drop the luggage at my door step and they failed to do so....and they can't even blame the Jammu strike for it....
Their mistake, now they better pay for it...

I can't believe my luck....I am almost famous...!!!
Wow...suing ‘Gati’ would be like swimming in gold...!!!!
My dad has already called the managing officer and warned of the consequences (but unlike me, he's kina seems more interested in getting back the bag than in contacting the family lawyer!)
We all know what a consumer court is...right...??...hehee
‘Gati’ people are already pissed off and they working overtime to track the lost bag (I could hear the screams and shouts and smell the sweat on their fore-heads over the phone line!)…Someone is surely gonna be fired…!
They have promised to track and even deliver the luggage by tomorrow.....failing which....we gonna move the court

Let me pray and hope the bag never gets tracked ever again and I no longer care for the beloved stuff in that black bag...(you folks already know why!)...
lemme keep my fingers crossed and hope that I finally get my own SELF MADE fortune
Will keep all ya folks out there updated on whatever happens...hope all ya pray for my cause...!!! heh

To be prosecuted...

July 14, 2008

Freedom Blogging ("Not the Bucks but the Hearts")

It’s been almost two months since the day I posted my first blog…I started blogging as a jobless eighteen year old trying to kill his ‘useless’ time somehow and anyhow…!
But now with almost 50 days of experience behind my ass, I started learning some new things about blogs…For example, just two months back I didn’t even know the meaning of word blog…! But now, I think I can give some lectures on traffic, key words, adsense, page imprints, banners and a hell lot more to earn you a fortune…
I never knew that blogging could be such fun…And never even imagined that people could make a living on blogs…that too a luxurious living…(phew…I was stunned to see people make 6 digit salary on mere two hours of daily blogging !)
It’s wonderful to realize the amazing things a blogger can achieve…The kind of traffic and money a blogger can generate is simply unbelievable…
I started blogging with an aim to express my feelings and views and to write whatever I feel like writing…
And then came the 'adsense'….
I got the Google adsense in my blogs and all I earned for almost 30 days was just a mere dollar or two (when fellow bloggers are earning a dollar every minute..!)
But then, a little bit of research and detailed analysis...BANG! here, I am…with the knowledge of all the tricks and techniques to earn your own self made fortune (incredibly it works for almost every damn blogger in this world) ….
But every up side has an eternal down side…(hope I got that proverb right!)
all those tricks and techniques are supposed to take away my freedom and shear joy of writing whatever I want and the way I want…
Well...honestly speaking, I can’t give up my style of writing for the money generating keywords… the freedom of writing when ever I feel like (blogging daily forms a basis of money making but I ain’t gonna blog just for the sake of blogging!)…I can’t give up my style and freedom just for earning some good bucks…NO, I CAN'T

I chose to be a “FREEDOM BLOGGER” ,who writes his stuff his own way, an OR!G!NAL and D!V!N3 way….

A 'Freedom Writer' who never dreams of getting a cheque from Google but a blogger who’s enough free spirited to write his feelings and earn some hearts if not some bucks…!
My mood and the way I’m feeling at the moments is expressed in each and every blog that I post…never even care about the key words or the choice of traffic generating topics…I post whatever my fingers start typing …
I chose to be a “FREEDOM BLOGGER”….And you?

July 12, 2008

Abraham Lincolns letter

I found this letter during my school days in my English text book...This is a letter which Abraham Lincoln wrote to his son's teacher...I was so moved by the letter that I still keep a copy of it with me and read it when ever I feel down or lonely...This letter conitnues to give me inspiration when ever I feel lost...This letter really keeps me grounded when ever I feel like I ain't in control of myself...This letter is a gift to this world and all its students...
A truely D!V!N3 letter...!

He will have to learn, I know,that all men are not just,all men are not true.
But teach him also that for every scoundrel there is a hero;
that for every selfish Politician,there is a dedicated leader…
Teach him for every enemy there is a friend,
Steer him away from envy,if you can,teach him the secret of quiet laughter.
Let him learn early that the bullies are the easiest to lick…
Teach him, if you can,the wonder of books…
But also give him quiet time to ponder the eternal mystery of birds in the sky,bees in the sun,and the flowers on a green hillside.
In the school teach himit is far more honorable to fail than to cheat…
Teach him to have faith in his own ideas,even if everyone tells him they are wrong…
Teach him to be gentle with gentle people,and tough with the tough.
Try to give my son the strength not to follow the crowd when everyone is getting on the band wagon…
Teach him to listen to all men…but teach him also to filter all he hears on a screen of truth,and take only the good that comes through.
Teach him if you can,how to laugh when he is sad…
Teach him there is no shame in tears, Teach him to scoff at cynics and to beware of too much sweetness…
Teach him to sell his brawn and brain to the highest bidders but never to put a price-tag on his heart and soul.
Teach him to close his earsto a howling mob and to stand and fight if he thinks he’s right.
Treat him gently,but do not cuddle him,because only the test of fire makes fine steel.
Let him have the courageto be impatient…let him have the patience to be brave.
Teach him always to have sublime faith in himself,because then he will have sublime faith in mankind.
This is a big order,but see what you can do…He is such a fine little fellow,my son!

This letter might be a solution to all the 'modern' social and moral problems in the Kashmiri society...

July 11, 2008

Why COLA??? (PART-I)

Pepsi or Coke?...The question sounds something like, "Air or Water"..!!!
well, the wikipedia defines cola as:
(Cola is a sweet, carbonated drink usually with caromel coloring and containing caffeine.
Originally invented by the druggist John Pemberton, it has become popular worldwide. Today, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and RC Cola have become the major international brands, leading to the drink often being seen as a symbol of the west

In my eighteen years of existence, I couldn't figure out one thing...WHY A COLA???
This question has troubled me ever since the day I first had a Pepsi (don't exactly remember if it was a Pepsi or a Coke but it was one hell of an attractive bottle!)
I think I told somebody that I'm thirst and he handed me a bottle of cola...

I can't somehow make out why a cola to quench thirst when we got all those HEALTHY fruit juices or even a plain glass of water...Then WHY A COLA???
And that too when a cola fills your stomach as if you just fuelled yourself at the nearest gas station..!
even worse, a cola eats away the calcium which happens to be the food of our bones..!
So why a cola???

Let me confess, I really never appreciated the taste of an unhealthy and GASEOUS cola but I still somehow couldn't resist drinking litres upon litres of the very same cola which I hate....!!!!
Don't know what it is that made me to empty all those taste less cans and bottles into my stomach..(and yeah it really did fill my stomach as if I had emptied a gas station into my body!!!)
I always knew that I actually wanted to buy a bottle of fruit juice but somehow couldn't help myself from buying the "good looking", attractive cola can...!

This isn't a case only with me but I think most of my fellow Kashmiri brothers and for that matter even most of the sisters can't resist getting drenched with a taste less can of cola...
And well, I guess all you folks out there might have already started identifying yourself with the shit I already wrote in here...
Because we all know the fact, the whole world loves to drink a cola even when they hate the very taste of pesticides...!!!

The question still remains, WHY A COLA???

July 8, 2008

BLOGGERS PARADISE (A challenge for all the bloggers in this world...!)

Here I challenge all you bloggers in the world...

You may well beat me on the traffic you generate or the AdSense revenue you earn...But lemme tell you, none of you folks out there can beat me on the shear luxury of blogging straight from heaven...!
none of you folks can even imagine what I'm talking about...

Sitting alone in the valley, amidst the virgin mountains covered with sparkling snow and lush green forests, the cold river with its gushing and crystal clear white water, the clouds creating the mystical illusion in my foggy mind, the sounds of the creatures straight from heaven....
The most incredible view wher ever I wander...

Sitting along the river mystic with my laptop and imagining the 11 dimensions of time as if the time time itself had stopped...
This truely is God's own country...
Now how many of you bloggers can beat me on this???
Blogging straight from heaven.....!!!

Paradise blogging...REDEFINED..!

July 7, 2008

Heart Stopping Tennis ("I almost bit through my fingers!")

Does he ever get tired?

(still recovering from last nights DRAMATIC hangover)...the rain kept me waiting through out the night but ultimatley the rain gods had written the most unbelievable script for the fall of Rome...!
Whoa!...what a match....unbelievable...I had never even imagined that any thing else than football could be so exciting and heart stopping....Centre Court might well have seen the greatest match in it's 123 year history...Oh yeah..Not even the famed Borg-McEnroe would have been so exciting...This match might have been the greatest tennis match in history....and definitely by far the best match I have ever witnessed...even topping the last years final....
The first point of the match set the tone for rest of the points to follow...As the commentators described it, "It's like tennis from above!"
2 sets down...Roger had been taken apart by the Rafael's glorious and POWERFUL fore-hand..."It was as if Nadal had been blessed with the stamina of a Spanish bull..!"
chasing every ball and whipping the powerful forehand from impossible angles finally made the world number one to break some sweat and show some emotions on his otherwise emotionless face...!
Yes, Federer was down but surely not out.....
The rain came down heavily in the third set...maybe this time in Federer's favour, giving him all the important time to re asses and realise what had been happening on his beloved Centre Court...(seeing the huge dark clouds above the court, I never expected the match to resume again and even the weather forecast was for a wash out...)
The disappointment of seeing Federer being anhilated made me to switch off the tele in dejection....
Just after an hour or so I logged on to wimbledon.org...the home page with its bold headline...."Roger Fighting Back"...It was a live update on the site...and I jumped to turn on the tele..!
Nadal serving and yes, there it was on the bottom left of the screen...Federer had taken back a set and pulled it to 2-1 and that too in a tie breaker....
just when we thought it wouldn't get any better than this........
Nadal missed a championship point in the fourth set tie breaker and that too on his serve, (shockingly with a double fault)..
The fourth set tie breaker might have been the most exciting 10 minutes of tennis the world has ever seen...I almost bit through my fingers....!
But rain Gods had some other plans in store for us....
rain stopped the match for the second time, this time with all the momentum swinging back in Roger's favour at 2 sets all with 2-2 in 5th set and Roger serving on deuce...It couldn't have been any tighter than this......
Actually I don't wanna write what happened after that because I am a big time Federer fan and it hurts to write how Nadal stopped Federer from making the greatest come back of all time...ahhh what a story it would have been...but only for Nadal...
The king had to fall on his very own backyard....
The five set thriller was destined to end in the most dramatic manner....The final twist in the tale had to be in Rafael's favour when we all expected Roger to make it six in a row...Nadal still had some muscles left to pull some remarkable fore-hands from some un imaginable angles

Well, the truth is...Roger was never at his imperial best...and the better player ON THE DAY won...
This match has surely taken tennis to the next level...The highest level....The only level where an invincible Roger Federer can be beaten...!!!

July 5, 2008

Wimbledon dream final...

Every tennis players dream

So here it is...122nd Wimbledon and we get an expected and deserved dream final between the two best players in the world...By far the two most talented players in the world go head to head at the biggest stage of all...The world number 1 against number 2 at Centre Court in Wimbledon...
I JUST LOVE IT!...Roger against Rafael...A repeat of last years amazing final...Whoa!...what a match that was...Roger almost lost it in front of his ideal Bjorn Borg...But not to be...The great man came back and equalled Borg's record of five consecutive Wimbledon titles...Fantastic..
Roger Federrer arguably the greatest player of all time and my all time favourite for sure (well I am talking about men's tennis...I guess you already know who's my real favourite......Yeah, here is a clue...She's tall, she's talented, she hails from Russia, she SHOUTS her way into Grand Slams, and she's HOT...!!!!!!!!! keep guessing..!)
Well Nadal might be determined and strong...he might have all those Spanish muscles to show for and the big grunt with an excellent backhand...he might be 4 years younger than his opponent and yeah, he might be the only player to wear sleeveless in Men's tennis BUT he ain't no Roger....!
It would be one hell of a match and if anything like last year than we are in for one heck of a good time....Nadal came so close last year to finally win something on grass against the very King Of Grass and that too on his very backyard (Centre Court)...but trust me, this year Nadal is a lot stronger...he's already humilated Federrer this year by succesfully retaining Roland Garros (French Open) in straight sets against world number 1 plus the fact that press has dared to write off Fed-Express....So I wonder if the kingdom of Switzerland will finally fall....!!!!!!!
Let's hope EFFORTLESS Roger makes it six in a row against the EXHAUSTING Rafael..wish I had the tickets to fly myself to the Centre Court...but not to be...So let's be glued to tele and hope our Cable Operators don't mess up...! (Star Sports and Vijay Amritraj are doing a fantastic job)
What ever the outcome ...it promises to be a fascinating tennis match and an adrenaline rush EVEN FOR THE NEUTRALS and soccerholics like me.....
well talking about my cheer...I love the guy who once cried at the Australian Open....So you know my cheer
"Come on Roger..Come on" (after all I am from the only valley on this planet which with it's natural beauty can put even Switzeralnd to shame...!)

Come on Roger...Come on!

July 3, 2008

Let God breathe...( The Holliest Pilgrimage )

The Holy Amarnath Cave

Hurrah!...Bravo!...The State Government finally succumbed to the massive public pressure and decided to revoke it's land tranfer order (rather land grab)...
A true example of a living and breathing Kashmiri Natioinalism...We got together and fought together for one common cause...we stayed united and WE DID IT....we got our land back...
The scene on the streets depicts a sense of pride and celebration amongst the people with fire crackers going off in the air every now and then as if last two decades had never happened..!
The spirit of the people finally won against all the odds and opposition forces....A perfect proof of people power...
But we must not forget the huge cost of this victory...It cost us 5 precious lives...5 Kashmiris had to lay down their lives to get us our land back...they are the real heroes of this victory...I salute the BRAVE families which had the heart and courage to give us such martyr's who could sacrifice their lives for our soil...
A tribute to all those who lost their lives in this battle against oppression and aggression...
Well, coming on to the issue....We might have won one single battle but we are in a WAR...A war against brute aggression and oppression...a war against human rights vioalation...a war against the propoganda carried by some communal forces portraying Kashmiris as communist...A war against media who only reports one side of a story...a war against the way BJP and VHP has communalised the whole issue and the way it killed this tourist season....a war to save our forests and rivers...a war to be regain our lost identity and freedom
Although the State Government might have dared to take a blow by going against BJP or VHP who supported the 'land grab' and destrengthening of SASB (Shri Amarnath Shrine Board) might have sent a wrong message to the rest of India and it added to the problems of the government...
anyways it still means the same thing other way around...First, the SASB would have constructed the CONCRETE structures over our virgin forests and destroyed the whole landscape but now it's the state government which has got the licence to cut through all the beautiful and dense PROTECTED forests and convert the tourist resorts of Pahalgam and Sonamarg into concrete jungles...
We need to stand up ONCE AGAIN to fight against the odds, this time the issue is of global recognition...the issue is to save environment
The media along with BJP has played a villainous role by reporting only one side of the story thus sending a wrong message out that Kashmiri people are against the Yatra and against the Hindus...when the truth is that we Kashmiris are the most tolerant and hospitable community in the world...and by kashmiris I mean all our Pandit brothers, the Sikh brothers, and the few Budhist and Christians...such a religious harmony..
India curently a growing world power has to play a major role in global issues such as global warming and environment degradation...After all, India is a part of the 'BRIC' nations..that means we are on the verge of being called developed nation....so why can't the Indian government come up with an alternative solution to accomodate all the Yatris and leave our forests untouched...?
Yes, we all agree that the Yatris need some world class infrastructure....But no, not at the cost of forests....
Dare I say, the Hindu God's living in the mountains won't be too pleased to see all their trees being chopped off.....(sorry if I might have sounded rude or unintentionally disrespectful, but I think no religion will ever allow us to ruin nature)

I don't know how many of you would be knowing it because it hasn't been yet popularised in the media...but there is an amazing fact...When one reaches the Holy Amarnath Cave and looks behind at a mountain with concentration...there it appears...carved into the mountain with coloured stones (mostly white)...naturally carved on one side of the mountain is beautifully written "MOHAMMAD" (in Arabic script)...I SWEAR, IT'S TRUE....I have seen the photographs myself...and my dad who once went to the cave in search of that very mountain, actually found it...very few locals (Gujjars and Bakerwals) know it..in fact it was one horse owner who showed my dad the mountain....such a tremendous proof of the holy harmony between all the religions.......with holy Shri Amarnath cave on one side and Mohammad NATURALLY carved into the mountain on other side...It's a miracle...This truely is God's own country

Our Hindu brothers and rest of India must realise the way BJP and VHP are communalising the whole issue and the way media is reporting only one side of the story...otherwise we Kashmiris might be left with a tarnished image which would kill our already struggling tourism industry...
If God created this paradise on earth...He must have created it for himself...
All you devotees out there on a pilgrimage to this valley...WAKE UP...awaken your conscience, elevate your minds, purify your souls....Join our hands to raise one single and united voice to save environment...

Allow God to breathe.....!

let's hope for a DIVIN3 intervention......

July 2, 2008

Jeans vs. Cargo

The zillion pocketed, hip hop style funky cargo or an old fashioned vintage cowboy jeans?

Well, it’s been some years since I first noticed the new trend in my valley…I think I was in my high school those days when I saw some friend wearing a funky and unusual BUT SUPPOSEDLY COOL army trouser..!

Those were the days when the trousers (cargo) took off in the valley….and soon it was like a trendy revolution sucking youth into it…
All those multi colored, loose fit, funky hip hop style cargo’s became the Gen next fashion statement…
And the worst thing was that that all the cargo were meant to be UNISEXso that basically means the same trousers for a babe or a dude…!

Well yea, I must confess the cargo revolution even sucked me into it…and for some time it was like really COOL wearing a cargo and going around…
And yes, must say...The Cargo (don’t know where it get’s it name from) were really comfortable…the loose and light, free fit trousers with enormous color range…and yes, how can I forget the most essential feature of a cargo…the zillion pockets with enough space to let you forget the idea of carrying bags…!
Big, baggy pockets…wonder what they were supposed for….still remember the oldies asking me why I needed so many sacks (baggy pockets!)…hah…
And the trend still continues sucking the youth into its pockets…!

But then, Levis Strauss had not created the jeans for just a decade…
Yes, cargo was like an obsession in youth, but I already knew that I couldn’t stay away from the good old fashioned jeans which had seen my legs grow from few inches to few feet now….!
Jeans which I grew up in, couldn’t be forgotten so easily……
It was like my home calling me…come home to the world of jeans…!!!! Heh

And there had to be a D!V!N3 intervention (as always…!!!!)

this time it was one last jeans left alone in my wardrobe…hiding behind all that cargo jungle…there it lay…neglected, sitting silently and living the last days of its rugged life…torn and tattered, faded but with still enough courage to show its blue….(Damn.... it was so dead that it only required the last rites to be performed to officially state it as dead…!)

But lemme tell ya…that’s The Romance of a Jeans…the faded and rugged, torn and tattered, hardcore jeans….that’s the kind of jeans worth dying for….
So here it was….the vintage good old blue jeans living it’s last few days against a wardrobe full of young and funky cargo’s …and it had to be a jeans which as always won my heart…
I swear. ..that day and this day, I haven’t even touched a cargo…let them suffer for keeping beloved jeans out of my legs for such a long time…!

There’s nothing in this world like a faded blue jeans…it’s classic...it’s vintage…and yeah it’s damn stylish!
After all, only few of us know the fact that the brand new jeans which come out of a factory are sent back to the factory only to be beaten and thrashed against crushed stones to give them that rugged and faded one year old look….!!! (It’s true…brand new, fresh jeans seldom sell in the market…!)
Denim can be called as God’s own cloth…! Nothing like an old Blue Denim jeans....seriously…
it’s been around for more than a century but it still hasn’t lost any demand, not even the funky Cargo could keep us away from the romance of a good old fashioned cowboy jeans…

And thanks God….there is nothing such as a UNISEX jeans to drive me nuts…..!

Hmmm…I still wonder which side you folks on…..
Leave some comments to decide, whether A Cargo or a Jeans???

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