December 26, 2008

New Year Resolution

Yipee....Finally I got a mail....Someone ready to try at blogging or rather someone curious to know how his first blog goes....
Just few hours back, I recieved a piece of 'original' writing from my fellow class mate "D.KEERTHI ADITHYA"
Here goes the first blog on this blogspot from a fellow class mate

I have seen the world in its stone age,
People fought to take away life.
I have seen the world in its middle age,
People stabbed to take away life.
I have seen the world in its present age,
People shoot to take away life.
I know what's coming next.
So let us join hands this NEW YEAR
Not to see the future but to

(Keerthi Adithya is a fellow class mate and a really nice guy with a fantastic I.Q. He is currently the topper in autocad at college and trust me guys, he can already compete with the best autocad engineers around...!)

Great work Adithya and really thanks for starting this whole thing...hope to get some more blogs from you very soon..
And yeah....hope to get some more mails from other peers as well...!

The New Age Bloggers

It's almost been seven months since the day I started blogging with the URL '2virginz' but unfortunately I was never able to find the second virgin....!
Always looking out for a blogging partner with an original view and opinion and most importantly an original style of writing.....but as all of you folks already know...all I found were rejections and some depressing depressions.....there was nobody ready to waste few moments of their precious lives on this piece of messed up blog........!!!
and finally when I had lost all the hope......
There was a DIVIN3 INTERVENT!ION....(as always..!!!)

Honestly and genuinely speaking, the best thing that happened with me over the last 4 months was that Oral Presentation which I have already blogged about...The hectic college schedule and the un welcoming hostel food had already taken a toll on my add to the misery my assignments and tests were going pretty bad and the home sickness was creeping in but thanks God I finally managed to do well in something at last......

The thing is....actually after that Presentation about blogs....many of my class mates asked me the question...."HOW DO WE MAKE A BLOG?" or "HOW TO BLOG?" ...even though how much confusing they sounded....I knew the actual question was......"HOW DO WE EARN FROM BLOGS?"....!!!
Come on folks...No, need to feel shy or embarassed......we all get curious when it's about making money....and it was really satisfying to know that I had generated interest in my fellow peers about something at least....
So keeping this interest in my mind, I remembered how I myself started blogging with a dream of making some big bucks and how ultimately the whole mission changed from money making to freedom of expression...still remember how the whole idea of blogging cleared in my mind and I realised it was much more fun without the cheques of 'Google adsense' or for that matter any money making software.....The pure joy of freedom of expression is much more fun than any wealth which the world has to offer......ultimately I realised that recieving an encouraging comment on a blog or starting a national discussion was even better feeling than having few dollars in 'Google Adsense' account.....
finally the best thing was...knowing that someone was ready to hear what I had to say...!!!

With the same hope for some of my fellow peers who are pretty curious to know...'How to make their own blog' (or should I better say, How to earn a fortune...!!!)
I have pursued some of them to start writing stuff...any stuff...any damn topic about anything and everything from their own personal and private issues to any public issue...their poems their most stupidest jokes, the places they visit, their college life, their holidays, their childhood, their school...their lives or even the lives of their neghbours!...the people they love or they hate..even their crushes, their songs, their talents their experiences...just anything they can think of (but only if it doesn't hurt the sentiments of my college authorities!!!)

Actually the fact is...there is a blogger hidden in everyone of us, ready to explode with the pure joy and freedom of expressing his views and opinions...and I am here ready to start an adventure with the same aim of discovering some bloggers who can write about stuff and express themselves freely and honestly....
Here in this all new section 'BITS and pieces' , some of my fellow peers and class mates will be writing stuff (hopefully they agree to spare some time out of their hectic college schedule to type in a few lines)....just any stuff..........and let's see how it goes...

Anyone and everyone can participate by sending some of your writings to (anything and everything is accepted as long as it's your own work and not just any copied work)

Hope we land upon some discussions, agreements and arguments....some opinions and some unheard stories......hope we will discover some true spirited expressing souls in the process.......
Keeping my fingers crossed, for the first time I don't know what explosive piece of writing are we gonna come across.......let's hope we make this "BITS and pieces" a big online revolution or let's put it in a much more humbler way.....a big classroom of discussion over any damn issue or a big class room of unheard stories and unknown experiences from our fellow well known peers....even better let it be a place where every body gets his fair chance at expressing himself to the extent he or she feels satisfied.......!!!!

Let's start typing some true lines....!!!!!!
BEST of luck to me and all of us.......(Hope I get few mails soon....!!!)

December 25, 2008

The other half of the story ...(The Oral Presentation)

Folks, it’s been quite some time since I sat in front of my laptop and typed in a few lines....actually 4 months now since I last blogged...and I still remember leaving blogging at the crucial time when my internet traffic was at its all time peak.... I am once again, reborn and real...matured and grown up...with an all new perspective but the same old passion for the freedom of expression...Here is the other half of my story....the story of rebirth and return to the world of blogging....

Last 4 months have been one hell of a entire ocean away from home...caught here in the middle of a concrete jungle surrounded by vast deserts and unending I stand in the middle of the world fastest growing city......Dubai
Well...No, don’t jump to any conclusion too soon.....I didn’t get recruited by any underworld agency...hahaha (lolz that sounded ‘sensitively’ funny!) nor did I run away from troubled motherland to the lure of foreign treasures.....
Actually the fact is......finally my homies decided enough was enough, frustrated with me sitting idle at home they sent some applications to the colleges far away from home......and some college accepted to take me in and the college happens to be far away from home in the cosmopolitan Dubai...

It has been a roller coaster ride ever since...Beginning on 26th august when I left home in the middle of a war like situation..(actually on the verge of a civil war)....still remember being escorted to the airport in the middle of the most strict curfew imaginable by one police (state police) vehicle at the front and one at the some state police officials in the car, just in case the Indian army and the paramilitary forces didn’t approve of our curfew pass and decided otherwise...! (trust me friends, thanks to some state police officials or I would have been as unfortunate as that unborn child which died in the womb of her mother only because he couldn’t reach hospital that very day...!!!)

I remember my last blog was titled “Kashmir on the verge of peoples revolution” and it got a pretty decent response from people all over...but unfortunately I was never able to blog the other half of the story...the other half after the hope of that ‘Historic Eidgah’...the other miserable half which spoke of brutal suppression and aggression which followed the very few days of people power....a suppression which shut away the last ray of light which had managed to come into the dark valley in two decades...
Well by now all of us know the other half of the story.....The uprising was crushed and the revolution remained a dreamer’s fantasy...
I don’t wanna discuss it any longer because it hurts to remind myself of the same old story......story of how the people got together and decided to bring about the change and how the changer never the people got crushed whenever they tried to stand up and hurts to make myself go through the same shit again and I better leave this time the discussions for the various biased political parties who fight for the greed and power...and the lure of rulling the earthly heaven...!!!
Trust me, the people are again left alone in the middle of nowhere with no one to turn to...well not in the middle of nowhere, but lemme better say in the middle of their own land...a cursed land which people over time have learned to call...”NO MAN’S LAND”...(actually, that land is not any no man’s’s my people’s land...) promised already...I have decided not to discuss the same political shit time and again when I know it won’t make any difference on this earth...when we got such great leaders and politicians and when I know any revolution can be suppressed by an armed forced suppression and agression....
Come realistic, this ain’t any Gandhi’s world where people will continue facing the aggression and suppression with no force but a non-violent will to suffer eternally until the oppressor decides mercy...!!!
No this really aint any Gandhi’s I better shut up and let the “big dogs” do the barking....!!! (bow bow bow...........let them talk...!!!..I must confess I can’t hide my frustration and anger at the some tall figures who move around dressed as hypothetical messiahs..!!!) let me stop the same old depressing shit and move onto the other half of the story....No, not the miserable half of my land’s story but the other half of MY OWN STORY.........

Imagine standing on top of the world and shouting out loud so that the whole world could hear you...expressing what you feel and what you believe...your opinions, your views, your likes and dislikes...discussing your personal issues...shouting out loud and the whole world listening to what you think and reading what you write...
Imagine the entire humanity filling your pockets with all the money in this world; thanking you for the mere effort of expressing yourself....”
”Imagine a world where you get paid for expressing yourself...”

These were the few lines which I spoke at the beginning of my oral presentation in college....Yes, folks that’s what woke me up from my deep slumber of four months and motivated me once again to start blogging....
Remember how confusing my last blog sounded..??? “The Rebirth..And he was born again..” (hope some of you have read it...and got confused...and maybe then swore not to read any text from this messed up blog from some psycho blogger...!)
(I even got some comments on that blog, stating it the most confusing piece of aimless writing!)
I totally agree with the comments...
So well moving on to clear the I go on to narrate the second half of my confused story in a rather much less confusing way....

Totally confused, I woke up at 7.42 am on the early Tuesday morning...
I had totally forgotten that it was my assignment day and I was supposed to be all prepared by 6 am....the day I was supposed to stand up in front of the whole class, properly dressed and give a proper ‘corporate like’ presentation on any topic of my choice...and the topic I had chosen.........
well it won’t take any genius to figure out.....“Internet Blogging”...!
Just try to imagine what I must be going through when a friend called me up at 7.42 am...and woke me up from my sleep shouting and cursing that I was up next for presentation in 5 minutes...!!!
What a way to wake up......”as if the guy on the phone had just said, sorry to say dear but you are screwed...royally screwed..!”
I woke up in my hostel room...totally shivering and trembling...just to confirm peeping out from the window, I could see “The Burj Dubai” standing tall.....Now, for sure this wasn’t just any bad dream but an unseen reality.....
Chaos and panic ran wild in my mind which went nuts and couldn’t realise what the hell had it just heard....Instinctively the first thing struck my mind was to rush to college which thank god was just 5 minutes walk away from hostel.....but then the second thought which reminded me that it was supposed to be a formal presentation given in the most corporate and professional style...thus I turned to the mirror and in no way I could have went through with this in such a terrible looking miserable unshaven face..........!

Adrenaline pumping...I took the trimmer, trimmed myself !
put some toothpaste in my mouth and never brushed!
Jumped into the shower and came out clean in record time of 2 minutes...smashed my wardrobe searching for friends formal shirt...took out the brown coloured (actually rust) shirt, then the formal trousers, the shoe....I knew I was missing something, but didn’t know what it was....I had already taken the USB Pen Drive which contained my all important slide show on the topic...
Oh yes, of course just to mention how disastrous it was...My speech was missing and my script was basically it was..."dressing up for a suicide mission..!!!!”
Ran to the college and in the half way another guy who was running with me for the same cause, asked me....Where was my tie..!!!!
Ahh...I can’t describe that feeling when you are racing like an Olympic sprinter, leading the track and in the midway someone tells you that you forgot to start from the starting point and you need to start again..!
So I had to go back run to my room..(which thank God happens to be in the ground floor) and put on my friends slim black tie and run back again to my class.....(hey...I never wanted to lose any marks on looks..!!!)

I knew I was already terribly late...breathless, I entered the class, I knew I was on next...unprepared and unrehearsed...
I walked to the front of the class...inserted my USB into the computer and switched on the projector....
Breathless....but an adrenaline rush which gave me no time to realise that I was standing alone here in front of almost 67 students with no speech and no preparation...and no time to realise that it is going to be total embarrassment and insult on my reputation........

But then...”there was a divine intervention” (as always.....!!!!!!!!!!)
I started with the few lines which I have already written at the beginning of this blog...and then I don’t know from where the hell the words came or from where the hell the confidence came....but I went on and on and on for next 6minutes and 11 seconds crossing the time limit of 5 minutes....shouting out loudly and interestingly about the topic...’blogging’...the best thing was the attention and response from crowd which laughed when I tried to make them laugh and which listened so curiously when I told them about the secrets of blogging for money and Google Adsense....I still don’t know what it actually extempo or an advertisement of my blog.....!
The whole time consciously or unconsciously, I kept mentioning time and again about my very own blog!!!...and now when I look back at feels embarrassing to be boasting about your small, little, tiny unimportant blog....hehehhe
But at the same time it gives me enough pleasure and satisfaction the fact that being unprepared and still able to speak some interesting shit....!!!
And then, I concluded with the following lines
“We all deserve to be heard and discussed...what we need to do is go home, open a blog host and type in our very own blog that one day we can proudly say that, I was a part of the revolution...the most powerful and the most unique revolution which made me millions in dollars and billions in people support...a revolution which allowed me to take the charge and lead the discussions through continuous online postings and top the money list through regular cheques...a blogging revolution”

“Start expressing.....Start blogging.....Start earning....”

And yet somehow at the end, I don’t know how and why...after my conclusion at the very end while mentioning my resource and reference, the websites from where I got the content for my slide show.......
Unconsciously.... I mentioned at the very last....”friends you will very soon find a blog about this very presentation on my blog....that is... Saints Are Coming.......”

Whoa...!!! the response I, can’t still believe...such a loud cheer and applause....some 'Hi fives' as I walked towards mam...our instructor and evaluator......and she said, “very confident, very interesting....very very just lost two marks for putting in a lot of content in too little rushed a little...otherwise excellent....”
Then as I moved towards my favourite last seat (lately a back bencher!)...the whole group of buddies congratulated me and some even called it the best presentation from our class and some were curious to know how to start blogging or how to make money.........
ahh...and it was such a satisfying feeling when a class mate said I looked good in the formals........!!!!
(I even got the slide show and the video of the presentation which I will be uploading as soon as my hostel internet speeds up...!!!)

Folks...No don’t get furious...I know I can get very irritating at times.....but seriously trust me...I am not trying to glorify myself, rather trying to tell you the second half of my true story...which made me realise that I am a blogger....
Happy and satisfied as I went back to the hostel in the evening....
Something from my presentation struck my mind.......... “friends you will very soon find a blog about this very presentation on my blog....that is... Saints Are Coming.......”

And as I am writing this blog

"Unconsciously my mind had spoken what my heart wanted to say since a long time.....A return to the world of blogging......!"
4 long months of separation but the desire is still there...........The fire still burns...!
As I have already said in my presentation....“It’s about the pure joy of freedom of expression”
And I knew now, this was my soul calling me to return to the world where I could express myself....a return to the magical world of internet blogging...............AND HE WAS BORN AGAIN....!!!

(Since my college doesn’t approve of blogging on controversial and political issues, I have decided to restrain from writing about any such topic....Moreover, since I am already over burdened with the hectic schedule of regular tests and assignments, I hardly find time to blog with the same dedication as I used to before...Sorry for the inconvenience caused...(if at all caused...!!!)
But trust me folks the desire to speak up and speak out is still there...the freedom of expression is still free...!!!!)

December 19, 2008


A smart, young, dedicated, (virgin) fellow blogger required…!

MIRALLIONZ® is searching for a blogger with enough creativity and talent to share half the work load of blogging…(Actually it’s not about work load...I am pretty sufficient to write all the blogs myself!)

But it’s actually that sometimes, I run dry!…I mean a total mental block when words fail me….or when I can’t figure out a different way to write my stuff…(I seriously feel ashamed at the fact that my shit doesn’t seem to make sense to anybody else than me...!
Moreover, all my blogs are written with the same tone and same pace which would make it really boring for all ya folks out there)

The whole concept of my blogs to be named as” was based on the fact that it would be two people with their OR!G!NAL opinions and their own D!V!N3 ways of writing blogs…presenting their own OR!G!NAL views and reviews…

well; one virgin is right here blogging his brain out since almost a month!
but still struggling to find the 2nd virgin who would finally make the whole concept come to life…
A fellow blogger is seriously wanted…"THE SAINTS NEED A 2nd VIRGIN..!"

Any one interested :-
*may post some comments below…or,
*contact me directly through e-mail ..or,
*scrap me on Orkut by searching my profile with same e-mail id

And yeah, if successful…2virginz might earn some pretty good money as well…(Blogging for money...Think about it)

So what you waiting for???
Be a part of this RENAISSANCE…contact me now


December 18, 2008

The Rebirth... ("And he was born again")

"Dark clouds in the sky, mist in the air.....concrete jungle on one side and vast deserts on the other...At the far end of the east and the starting of entire ocean from home...he slept as if dead....!"

7.42am in the early Tuesday morning of a fateful 16 December...
A voice shouted through the device they called as cell phone.... “WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU????"
"Idiot...You are up next”
“Unbelievable...You still sleeping...4 months and still not enough...!!!”
“Damn it...You are next...5 minutes to go”

He woke up sweating...shocked, tensed, furious, SCARED and excited...all the feelings running simultaneously through his lazy soul...
An adrenaline rush unlike any other, which forced him to run to the bathroom, brush his teeth, wash his body, wear his well ironed trousers...his well ironed shirt...his well polished shoes...and finally his stylish tie...all in a record time of 6 minutes...!
The script was missing and the speech was was the making of a total disaster...dejected and depressed; he looked straight into the mirror only to be surprised how he had changed in these 4 months....daring to look into his own eyes, shivering and trembling...amidst the shadow of his dark circles were the eyes...the same eyes as he had last seen them, looking back into him with all the innocence and simplicity reminding him of his paradise... an old feeling in this new instinct in his heart which told him to go and face the unknown, a hidden confidence asking him to step out unprepared and un rehearsed...challenging him to have the heart and face the music...
Yet again, this wasn’t home...not the soothing smell of his land, a land he had grown up calling paradise...still and stunned he stood trying to face himself...
Another deep look into his eyes................
And finally a miracle..!!!...A twinkle in the eye which shouted out loud...”Jack ass stop wasting your time!.......Idiot wake up....Damn it, for heaven’s sake.... YOU ARE A GOD DAMN BLOGGER!!!!"
It took him 4 long months until he finally realised that this voice was not just any sound in the air, but a voice from a soul...his own soul....a voice meant for him...........
”FUCK OFF...I know I'm a blogger, he shouted back”... stepping out to face the unknown...!

4 months of loneliness and here he was back again on his feet trying to realise how fast had life moved on...forgiven and forgotten ready to step back into the world which had given him so much to cheer for....
Let me tell you this was one heck of a jack ass....ready to rub his ass once again...moving ahead, unprepared and un rehearsed unlike any other ass in this world...he was one heck of a jack ass....!!!
“A soul re awaken from the deepest depths of a slumber that almost made it forget its purpose in life...!”
Folks........And he was born again

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